Meet Our Staff:
Ashley: Our owner, Ashley is happy to see her vision for the bakery come to life. We are small, but a happy little bakery family. She is grateful to have a job she loves, and a place where Brighton can play while she gets work done. Her favorite book is Ahab's Wife, her favorite cake flavor is butter with hazelnut mousse. When not home playing with the baby, Ashley is camped out at the bakery, working on weddings, making figures, and stalking cute cloth diapers to buy for Brighton. Her favorite TV Movie is Halloweentown High. Don't judge, it's way better than it sounds.

Kile: Our resident baby wrangler slash graphic designer. Kile designs all our pretties- from the website and business cards, to the mural of Henry and Lloyd in the shop. Kile also makes all our mockups for weddings while trying to keep a very busy one year old occupied. Ask us about his Kangacat book, it's pretty epic.

Brighton: Our newest bakery addition, Brighton joined the family on March 27th, 2012. We will get him started whipping up tasty treats just as soon as he can walk.