Wedding Cupcakes Pricing
Cupcake Pricing
Cupcakes are $30 per dozen for standard size, $15 per dozen for minis, and $39 for jumbo size. This includes your choice of liner colors, sprinkles, and frosting colors.

Additional Decorations
There are many design options and flavor possibilities for cupcakes. We recommend having 3-5 flavors so you provide variety while not sending your guests into a panic of indecision. These can all be decorated differently so your guests know the difference, or we can have one flavor per tier of the stand. We include colored wrappers, colored frosting, and sprinkles as part of the base price for cupcakes. There are various add ons to make your cupcakes more customized.

Fondant flowers or other edible decorations- they are an additional $4-$20 per dozen depending on the complexity of the design.

Smooth iced and decorated cupcake start at $3.25 each ($40 per dozen). This includes cupcakes with smooth fondant tops.

Any additional ideas or add ons you want will be discussed at your tasting.

You may want a small cake to act as the top tier of the cupcake stand. This cake usually serves 6 people and mainly acts as something to cut during the reception, or to save for your 1 year anniversary. It is normally around $30.

Baking Cups:
They come in a variety of options, available at no additional cost. Custom baking cups can be ordered, but an additional fee may apply, depending on the cost. Advance notice must be given for custom cups to be ordered.

Click here for some of the options available.

Cupcake Wrappers:
They can be ordered in a variety of colors. They are $1.50 each ($18 per dozen).

Click here for some of the options available.

Delivery and Setup
Delivery for cupcake weddings starts at $60 within 15 miles of the bakery, with an additional per mile fee from there. This fee includes all set up.

We rent clear acrylic round or square stands. They are $50 to rent, with a $200 security deposit that is returned once the stand is back at the bakery. These stands hold around 70-140 cupcakes, depending on the number of tiers you want to use.

You are welcome to provide your own stand or use one from your caterer or venue. In these instances, since we will not be responsible for set up of the cupcake and cake, the normal neighborhood delivery charges apply- usually from $7-$20.
Cupcake Boxes:
Individual cupcake boxes for favors-

Click here for prices and colors available.